No longer do you need to wait in a four-hour queue at Selfridge's food hall; soon you'll be able to buy it on the internet

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Nutella fiend? If so, we don't blame you. On toast, in a cheesecake, baked into brownies: the hazelnut cocoa spread is a sweet tooth's dream.


And there's good news: the opportunity to clutch a jar of the stuff emblazoned with your name is back. 



After the resounding success of the Selfridge's food hall personalisation service last Christmas, where having a tub with your name on it became one of the biggest status symbols around, it's now available in the luxe department store's outlets at London Oxford Street, Birmingham, Manchester Exchange Square and Manchester Trafford.



And it's no longer the case that you'll have to hang around in a line for the ultimate stocking filler. The brand has announced that it will 'soon' be available online as well. 


Watch this sticky-fingered space. 



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