One of the nation’s favourite snacks just got even more appealing

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Just don't ask if it's a biscuit or a cake …

After being inundated with requests over the years, McVitie’s has introduced new personalised boxes for the beloved Jaffa Cakes, so you can give that special someone (or yourself) the perfect blend of genoise sponge base, orange jelly middle and chocolate coating with an extra personal touch.


Available to buy from the newly launched McVitie’s Sweeet Shop online (there really are three Es in that), for just £2.49 a box you can choose more than half-a-million names, greetings and nicknames for your Jaffa Cake gift, including special occasion phrases like “I Love You”, “Happy B’Day” and "Marry Me".


In a survey completed last month by the Blue Cross pet charity, Jaffa Cakes rounded out the top five of the nation’s favourite biscuits, and also came in the top 10 in a survey of our favourite retro treats commissioned by children’s charity, Dreams Come True, earlier this year.


Since 2.9m Jaffa Cakes are made each day (that's more than a whopping 750m per year), we think it’s completely reasonable to use this new personalisation as an excuse to buy yourself a box (or two).


Then again, there’s always Father’s Day on Sunday 21 June …


Just remember: don’t ask whether it’s a cake or a biscuit.

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