You know the people who never make the tea round at work? Turns out they're all in the marketing department

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As any Brit knows, the only way to survive a workday is with one (make that four) cups of freshly brewed tea.


Nothing solidifies office camaraderie – or keeps you on the boss's good side – quite like offering to make tea for your workmates. 


But watch out: not everyone's offering, says a new survey.


Commissioned by Tetley, the survey of 2,000 British workers found that people in marketing make the fewest cups of tea in the office (but they also take the shortest breaks), while building managers and those in maintenance make the most frequent tea runs.


Even more unforgivable? Making tea only for yourself. We're looking at you, advertising workers (apparently, you're the worst offenders). Especially poor considering those in advertising also drink the most tea …


The survey also found that four in 10 bosses never made tea for their employees. The horror!


In other sad news, the survey revealed that the office tea break is dying out, with one in five employees saying they took fewer tea breaks than they did five years ago.


Sorry, but that's just not our cup of tea.

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