Garlic can be a right faff but some genius has found the trick to peeling it like a boss. Behold essential life hack number 93,245 …

Image: This is how to peel a whole head of garlic in seconds

Diply Via YouTube 


Yes, you can use a knife to smash those unsuspecting cloves of garlic into oblivion, or if you need more heads than you can count, go for the shake-between-two-bowls method (but that requires a level of coordination that we do not possess).  


So what’s a garlic lover (and one averse to mess, at that) to do?


Thankfully, the guys at Diply have shared this genius trick for removing the white, outer layer from garlic in mere seconds.


And all you need is a jar.


Here’s what to do:


1. Put the whole garlic head in a jar, screw on the lid and shake to your heart’s content (music is optional here, but highly recommended).  


2. Tip your garlic out of the jar and your cloves should slip out, skin-free.