These wild pancake creations will put your round ones to shame, even if you have finally mastered a perfect circle

There are some breakfasts that are really worth getting out of bed for.


In particular, pancakes.


Especially when they look as flippin' fantastic as these ones in the shapes and colours of our favourite cartoon characters (The Simpsons, minions from Despicable Me, and of course, Frozen).


Unfortunately for those of us whose artistic expertise just about extends to drawing stick figures, creating edible masterpieces, especially before 9am, isn't likely to happen.


Australian father-son duo and YouTube vloggers, TigerTomato, are here to help.


They've posted a series of YouTube tutorials showcasing their pancake artistry in action, and all you need is pancake mix, some squeezy bottles with different food colourings, and a steady hand to make the magic happen at home.


Ready to up your pancake game? Then watch and learn …

Elsa pancakes

For when you need to let it go.

Sonic the Hedgehog pancakes

Not sure we'd advise making these when you're in a massive rush …

Rainbow ice-cream pancakes

Because the only thing that makes pancakes taste even better is when they look like your favourite ice-cream treat.

Olaf pancakes

Serve in summer? 

Hello Kitty pancakes

These will ensure you're everyone's favourite auntie or uncle.

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