All of the carbs, all of the time

Tagliatelle-, brioche- and chip-lovers of the world, rejoice. Those carb-fearing, pizza-avoiding, cakes-made-out-of-coconut-oil-eating Paleo followers are, officially, barking up the wrong primordial tree. 


Yes, it turns out that the diet (apologies – lifestyle choice) has the wrong idea about how our ancient ancestors actually ate. Sure, they weren't spreading their artisanal sourdough with locally foraged berry jam and Jersey butter, but they were certainly eating carbs – not just protein, veg and the occasional handful of berries or drizzle of honey. 


Research published in The Quarterly Review of Biology, from a team of scientists from the UK, Australia and Spain, shows that primitive human consumption of the starchy stuff was an integral part of our evolution.


When human brains were increasing massively, turning us from almost-apes into the species we are today, foods like potatoes and squashes were a big old part of the process. 


In cooking this produce over fire, early man was able to funnel glucose to the brain, boost metabolism and gain the energy required to chase and hunt meat. 


"Eating meat may have kick-started the evolution of bigger brains," the researchers said in a statement, "but cooked starchy foods together with more salivary amylase genes made us smarter still."


Science, we've never loved you more. To celebrate, why not try one of these carb-licious recipes? 


Red onion focaccia 


Sweet red onion, delicate tear-able bread... it's the stuff Friday night dreams are made of. 


See how to make it here


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Photo: Homemade

Gnocchi with zesty ricotta and bacon 


A perfect midweek supper that comes zinging with fresh, citrus flavour. 


This way for the recipe

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Photo: Homemade

Smoked salmon and rocket tagliatelle 


Peppery rocket, flaked salmon and ribbons of pasta: hell-o. 


Recipe this way

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