The Domestic Goddess is set to return to the BBC with a new cooking show later this year and we couldn’t be happier

It has been three years since Nigella Lawson graced our TV screens – and in a world of clean eating, courgetti and kale masquerading as crisps, that’s a long time.  


Simply Nigella is being described as “a new pared-down approach to cooking and eating” that features “food that makes life easier, that makes us feel better, more alive and less stressed.” Amen to that.


To keep your Lawson levels topped up until she returns to our screens, behold our ode to Nigella. 

When she joined Instagram, life became better

From Becky eggs (her family name for soft-boiled egg schmused in a cup) and cakes to foodies to follow, this is how la Lawson lives. 

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Nigella Lawson Instagram

Via Instagram / NigellaLawson

She’s always prepared

Not only does she carry her own (proper) salt with her everywhere, telling the US’ TV Guide “I can’t get over how you go to a really nice restaurant and the chef has laboured long and lovingly over your food, and then they give you bathroom scourer instead of salt”, but snacks too.


In discussion with Alain de Botton at the School of Life, Lawson told him that she had “Dr Karg’s crispbreads, Vegemite and bitter” with her. “Did you get hungry?” he asked, “No, but I ate some just in case!” she replied. Lawson is our kind of lady. 

She knows how to do dinner for one

Naan pizza, eggs in purgatory, salted caramel hot chocolate and Elvis Presley’s fried peanut butter and banana sandwich – dinner for one has never looked so preferable. 

She subscribes to the mantra 'pleasure is our duty'

Speaking at The School Of Life, the Domestic Goddess said: “The only thing I can imagine feeling guilty about is not feeling pleasure … It’s our duty to pleasure – it’s an acceptance of being alive.” Oh Nigella, you are so wise. 

She really loves food

Let's face it, every kitchen should own a copy of How to Eat, if only to learn this one key life lesson: "you must please yourself to please others." Go forth and tuck into that extra slice of chocolate cake. In the name of research, obviously. 

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