A cafe that just sells cereal, that's sooo last month. Now there's a place serves just porridge... but on a whole new oaty level

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Image: Oat so good: we’re about to get a porridge café

Photo: Instagram/porridgecafe

We’d just come to terms with an entire café dedicated to cereal and now someone's thrown a spoon in the works: London's Shoreditch is getting a Porridge Café.


This is not your average packet of Quaker Oats though, oh no. From 2 March, the café will be taking the breakfast classic to a whole new level, serving a whopping 25 sweet and savoury porridge-based meals. That’s breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted. Really.


On top of the usual oats, the café will be dishing up 10 other grains for customers to choose from, such as quinoa, Arborio rice and rye alongside a range of different milks, such as coconut and almond, to cater for vegans and other dietary requirements.


Dishes will include the usual fruity topping suspects alongside slow-cooked beef ragu, bacon with avocado and roasted tomatoes, beetroot, feta and a poached egg. There's even a cocoa nib number.


Nik Williamson, founder of the Porridge Café, said, “We were inspired to launch the café after seeing the Nordic revival of porridge, where it has been shown to be an exciting and versatile staple dish – both savoury and sweet.


“For me it is about bringing something healthier to the table. With the Cereal Killer Café you have got something that is a novelty.


“ A lot of people don’t realise how many grains there are that you can make porridge with.”


What will the next monomania café be? May we suggest bacon or a crumble café, please?


The Porridge Cafe will be open from Monday 2 March 2015 on Paul Street, London. 

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