It tastes like bread but looks like watermelon. What's not to love?

It's official: we've discovered the best thing since sliced bread. 


We'd like to introduce you to watermelon toast.


It apparently tastes nothing like watermelon, but that hasn't stopped hundreds of people from flocking to Jimmy's Bakery in northern Taiwan's Yilan County to get their hands on a loaf (or seven). 


Invented by Jimmy's head baker Lee Wen-fa in April this year to keep kids eating through the hot summer months, the toast has gained a following with queues out the door and people travelling for hours to get a bite of the good stuff. 


According to China Daily, the bakery used to sell around 100 loaves of watermelon bread in the past and now struggles to keep up with demand despite baking more than 1,500 loaves a day.


The vivid colours of the toast – available in pink or yellow, with a green 'rind' and black 'seeds' –  are created with tea powder, strawberry, bamboo charcoal and food dye.


This sounds like something we could definitely sink our teeth into.

Watch the video above if you're keen to try to make your own watermelon toast at home.


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Watermelon toast

Photo: Instagram/cctvnews

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