Nick Clegg’s wife, Miriam González Durántez, has named herself as the writer behind a popular food blog. Watch out, Nigella …

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Image: Miriam Clegg reveals secret food blog

Liberal Democrats / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: libdems

The 2015 general election continues to come down to two key points: kitchens and food.


After the outrage of Labour leader Ed Miliband's two kitchens, and prime minister David Cameron outing himself as a sardine sarnie addict, the Liberal Democrats have entered the ring with a knockout blow.


Miriam González Durántez, top city lawyer and wife of Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, revealed to Mumsnet that she’s been running an anonymous food blog, mumandsons, for three years.


The best part? The Liberal Democrat aides knew nothing about it.


That’s right: she told Mumsnet that her husband’s advisers were “going to freak out” on learning of her closet blogging. 

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So, what’s on the menu chez Clegg?

More than 44,000 people having visited the site since it was set up anonymously, and it’s actually pretty good. The recipes have a nod to González Durántez’s Spanish heritage, with the blogpost featuring tortillas, empanadas, pisto and merluza en salsa verde (hake in green sauce) alongside British classics including asparagus and poached eggs, sausage rolls and salmon en croute.


However, as any good political spouse knows, there's always an opportunity to show off your political colours (even in the most unlikely of places).

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Back to politics ...

You wouldn't be trying to painting yourself as an essential ingredient to a coalition mix would you, Clegg? We see what you’re doing there.