The Clove Club will be the first restaurant in the UK to make diners pay upfront to reduce the number of cancellations

Michelin-starred hipster hangout The Clove Club is going pre-paid in a bid to bite down on cancellations. 


That’s right, in a system that sounds more in keeping with booking a ticket to a gig than eating out, the east London restaurant is set to become one of the first to make diners buy tickets before they turn up for their meal.


Pay now, eat later indeed.


Isaac McHale, head chef at the restaurant, told Bloomberg:  “It’s going to ruffle a few feathers, but everyone has a problem with no-shows.


“By the time someone walks into our restaurant we have already spent a lot of money on ingredients and on getting the right amount of staff, so if they cancel it is very expensive for us.


“I want to continue to give people a great experience, and I hope this system will allow us to give them a better experience.”


The Clove Club will allow customers to pay upfront for a £65-a-head five-course menu or £95 for a nine course option, including dishes such as flamed Cornish mackerel with rhubarb and toasted oats, or Yorkshire suckling pig with south Indian spices. The drinks bill will be settled at the table.


However, if you’re a no show, tough luck, because you won’t get your dosh back.


The new ticketing service provided by Tock, an American Company, plans to make the technology available in June and there are whispers that other British restaurants will sign up too.


We've got some reservations. 


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