Forget the cronut, there’s a new food hybrid in town and everyone’s obsessed with it

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Image: Meet the wonut - you need it in your life


The wonut – waffle and doughnut combined

What’s that? The cronut, townie or duffin not enough to satisfy your sweet treat desires? Relax, the wonut is here.


This food Frankenstein, created by Chicago’s Waffle Café, is what happens when a doughnut and waffle meet and have a love child – and people are already obsessed with the idea.


In the wonut’s defence, it does look like a thing of beauty and the flavour combos sound pretty good too: blueberry and lemon sugar, green tea, red velvet, chocolate with candied orange peel and chocolate shavings.


Hopefully this won’t be added to that never-ending list of foods you like on Instagram but can never get your hands on.

Can't wait to sink your teeth into the wonut or is this a food mashup too far? Let us know what you think in the comments box below ...