It's the latest food fad to hit the supermarkets. Because, you know, who hasn't thought of having jam with their bangers?

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Image: The latest food fad? Meet the Dausage

Photo: The Dausage

What's not to love about meat and jam?

We’ve seen the cronut (croissant-meets-doughnut), the bronut (a brioche-doughnut mash-up), the wonut (a waffle-doughnut hybrid) and the duffin (doughnut-meets-muffin).


And now – drum roll, please – it’s time to introduce the Dausage


The brainchild of Welshman Liam Bennett, the Dausage is a cross between a sausage and a doughnut.


Inspired by other Frankenstein-food creations, Bennett, who has a background in food retail, created the Dausage after around a year of brainstorming.


“I started thinking about what else could be crossed with a doughnut, and wondered if a sausage would work,” he told Wales Online

“I began with pork with strawberry and Cumberland with raspberry, and – contrary to many other people’s expectations – they worked really well together.”


Other flavours in the Dausage production line include pork and beef with custard, venison with strawberry custard and a vegetarian version with Primula cheese. 


Bennett is currently trying to raise funds for his Dausages via Kickstarter. Fancy a jammy banger? You tell us …


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The Dausage

Photo: The Dausage

Packaging for The Dausage

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