Forget the cruffin, walk on wonut, there’s a new new food hybrid in town – and everyone is loving it

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Image: Meet the king of mashups: the pain-au-doughgelclair

Photo: PR

What’s that now? Mixing two baking heavyweights, such as the croissant and muffin, wasn't enough to fulfill your dessert desires? 


Have no fear – there’s a new foodie mashup on the block that splices together four (yes, four) sweet treats. 


Step forward the newly crowned king of baked goods: the pain-au-doughgelclair.


The food-frankenstein is the result of a much-awaited collaboration between Sainsbury's and the famous Parisian pâtisserie, Croissant d’Or. Created with the intention of becoming the nation's new favourite teatime treat, the pain-au-doughgelclair is what happens when a doughnut, pain au chocolat, bagel and éclair meet and get on really well.


Granted, the shape might be slightly bizarre, but this mega-mashup combines buttery pastry with that doughy goodness only a bagel understands, and is filled with silky smooth chocolate at one end and vanilla cream at the other, then iced and dusted with sugar. Genius. 


That’s all the flaky, soft, gooey, chocolatey boxes ticked, then.


The best part? Well, brace yourself dear readers, because you won’t have to add the pain-au-doughgeleclair to that never-ending list of foods you "like" on Instagram but can't get your sugary mitts on: because they will be hitting bakery shelves in your local store this week. To register your interest, simply tweet your sugary desires to @Sainsburys including details of your nearest store and #painaudoughgeleclair.


Creator Madame Lia Lo Forps from Croissant d’Or told Homemade: “We believe in innovation and creativity at the bakery and we like to push ourselves to do new things.


“While people have been combining two bakery goods, such as the croissant and doughnut, for a while now, we wanted to go even further with Sainsbury's by taking the best parts from 4 of our favourite treats: the pain au chocolat, bagel, éclair and doughnut – to create one sweet masterpiece.”


While we wait to get our hands on one, behold the pure unadulterated joy of the pain-au-doughgelclair – it also gets extra points for being fun to say.