Because some kitchen gadgets really didn't need to be invented

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Image: Meet the Eggm

Photo: Instagram/The Guardian

Do not put all your eggs into this basket, please

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Egg Master

Photo: Instagram/naf0409

Egg lovers, be afraid. Be very afraid.


There's a new gadget in town and it threatens to turn your beloved breakfast meal into a cylindrical egg tube on a stick.


The Rollie Egg Master, which uses vertical cooking technology to minimise mess and save time, first launched a couple of years ago but has taken the internet by storm this week after a hilarious Guardian review by Rhik Samadder who calls the Egg Master "a horrifying, unholy affair".


How does this handy machine work? You simply spray some non-stick agent into the funnel, crack in your eggs, wait for the machine to heat up and watch your breakfast rise before you when it's done.


"Nervously, I try the sulphuric, sweating egg mess before me. The taste is … not the best," writes Samadder in the Guardian.


"As I dry heave into the sink, I try to remember if I read about this machine in the Book of Revelation. Why is it in the world? Who created it? Maybe no one. Perhaps soon, sooner than you think, we will all bow to the Egg Master."


You can even expand your repertoire beyond basic eggs with the barbecue pork Egg Master, peanut butter and jelly and pizza and burrito rollies.


We think we'll stick to the good, old frying pan, thanks.

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