Forget the cronut, there’s a new food hybrid in town and – hallelujah – you can get it in the UK

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Image: Meet the cruffin: the UK croissant-muffin hybrid looks delicious

Photo: Foxcroft & Ginger

If the cronut, wonut, townie or duffin isn’t enough to satisfy your sweet treat desires, relax: the cruffin is here.


No, we’re not taunting you with yet another foodie mashup to add to that never-ending list of goodies you like on Instagram but can never get your hands on.


Prepare yourself, dear reader, because the cruffin (which is what happens when a croissant and muffin meet and get on) is coming to the UK.

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Photo: Foxcroft & Ginger

In the cruffin’s “oh not another mashup” defence, it does look like a thing of beauty. The brainchild of London bakery Foxcroft & Ginger, the sourdough croissant mix is moulded into the shape of a muffin, filled with a rich chocolate ganache, custard and jam, or a genius-sounding “Snickers” nuts and caramel combo, and then dusted with cinnamon sugar.


That’s the flaky, crunchy, soft and gooey box all ticked. Mmmm.


The best part? You won't have to wait long as the cruffin will be hitting bakery shelves on 6 March.


In the meantime, behold the sugary joy …