Looks like there's something to be said for mastering one dish

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A cheese toastie at Melt Room 

The illusion of choice is real. Ever scanned down a menu that rambles on and on – seeming to deal in everything from fresh pasta to pakoras – and felt like getting up and walking out? 


It's not just you.


Research from Columbia and Stanford universities suggests that punters given too much choice feel overwhelmed, which explains the massive success of the single dish restaurant.


Success so great, in fact, that a new study from restaurant-finder app Zomato has revealed that one in 10 capital openings from the past year focus on one dish – that's double the amount from the year before. 


Here's a clutch of our favourites you should check out. 


1. Smack Lobster

The Burger & Lobster concept propelled the limited menu thing into the stratosphere. But Smack, the lobster-roll-only little sister deli, is a cheaper (£10 a roll) fix with even less choice (in other words, bliss).


58 Dean St, Soho, London W1D 6AL smacklobster.com


2. Balls & Company

Polpo pioneered them, now 26-year-old Aussie chef Bonny Porter has devoted an entire restaurant to the glory of meatballs. Select from wagyu beef, pork ricotta with parmesan and sage, chicken with thyme and lemon, choose chips for the side, and be happy. 


58 Greek St, London W1D 3DY ballsandcompany.london


3. Melt Room

Cheese toasties are the food of the comfort gods. But what if you could get an expert to grill thick slices of sourdough with the perfect blend of tangy, creamy goodness and pop in a few little extras (perhaps pulled pork shoulder, perhaps roasted beetroot) for you? Good news: you can! Just head to this Soho joint. 


26 Noel St, London W1F 8GY meltroom.com



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