You've got to be yolking: having yellow in your egg is so last year. Japan is well ahead of the curve with white yolks

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Image: Meanwhile in Japan: eggs with white yolks

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Pale golden yolks? They've been done for millennia. Time to shake it up. 


At least that's what a poultry farm in the town of Otofuke in Hokkaido, Japan reckons. Chickens there are now producing eggs with a super pale, white-ish colour the whole way through, reports the Japan Times


It might sound like some serious tampering is afoot but actually the shade of a yolk is entirely dependant on what the hens are fed. Corn equals yellow, but this lot are munching on something a little different: rice. 


As well as producing all-white-everything, the farm's managers also reckon that the eggs have a slightly sweet taste. 


This new discovery might make for slightly anaemic looking scrambled-eggs-on-toast, though …


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