Because who hasn't looked at a beige burger bun and thought, "If only you were red?"

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Image: Meanwhile in Japan: Angry-looking red burger, anyone?

Photo: / Burger King

Seeing red?

Hands up: who's ever gone into a fast-food chain and thought, "Why are there no red burgers on the menu?"


If you have then you're probably alone but luckily for you, Burger King in Japan has come to your rescue.


The fast-food chain's newest creations, the 'aka samurai beef' and 'aka samurai chicken' burgers ('aka' means 'red' in Japanese), are red hot.


Literally. They're red: red bun, red cheese slices and red sauce, which is so hot-hot-hot that the brand has dubbed it 'angry sauce' (it's made from hot pepper and miso).


Hitting Burger King Japan stores on 3 July, the burger buns and cheese get their fiery shade from tomato powder.


If black is more your thing, Burger King Japan still has its ghoulish 'kuro' burger on the menu (black bun, black cheese and squid-ink coloured onion and garlic sauce).




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Burger King Japan red burger

Photo: Facebook /  Burger King Japan

Anyone for chicken?

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