Actual, real gold. This is not a hoax

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Via: Twitter / KITKAT

Looks like Kit Kat have struck gold with a wafer and chocolate finger lovingly wrapped in a very thin sheet of the precious metal. 


Yes, that's a biscuit, covered in actual, real gold. 


Produced by the good people of Nestle, Japan (naturally), it's a celebration of the fact that the country's Kit Kat Chocolatory stores (yes, that's what they're called) have welcomed their millionth customer. 


Only 500 of the bars will be sold – and, at 2,016 Yen (about £10.70) each, we're assuming only the die-hard Kit Kat fans will be purchasing these babies. 


The treats are described as having a "rich, bitter chocolate" taste, and will go on sale in eight fancy department shops from Tokyo, to Sapporo in the north, and Fukuoka in southern Japan.


We can think of a few things we'd rather blow a tenner on – you could even eat out on that! – but, whatever floats your boat. 



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