For when a bowl of noodles just isn't enough

Ramen: good. Ice-cream: good. Ramen ice-cream? Hmmm. 


You might have thought that broth-laden bowls of noodle deliciousness and vanilla-flavoured swirls are a mutually exclusive affair.


But you would be wrong.


For the creative folk over at the Yokohama's Cup Noodles Museum in Japan have gone and muddled the two up, in a pretty interesting new direction for desserts everywhere. 


And the novelty doesn't stop there. The soft serve-style (that's Mr Whippy, to you and me) pots come topped with chunks of carrot, potato, and, erm, prawns. 


It's a crazy world out there.

Would you dare try a ramen-flavoured serving of Mr Whippy? Let us know in the comments below.