But only in Disneyland. Sorry!

Oh, Japan. Land of owl cafes, stuffed animals with cakeinsect-flavoured crackers and, now, Coca-Cola infused hot dogs. 


We're not kidding. 


Disneyland Tokyo is offering up pulled pork injected with the fizzy drink – creating, we imagine, probably a quite nice sweet/salty mash-up. 


Advertised on its website as a "Coca-Cola flavoured pulled pork and sausage hot dog", it'll set you back 620 yen (roughly £3.35). You'd have to pay 1,000 yen (£5.40) if you want drink and fries with that.


Also on the menu is a mushroom and cream sauce-topped hot dog, which sounds like the Frankenstein child that France and America would rather forget.

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Via: Twitter/ @hosiku_zzz


We reckon a packed-lunch might be a better idea if you're heading to The Happiest Place In The World any time soon. 



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