The health blogger's favourite has officially gone mainstream

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Smashing up halves of creamy avocado and using it as a toast topper (perhaps with a squeeze of lime, some chopped coriander and diced chillis, or with a twist of lemon, ground black pepper and a liberal scattering of sea salt... sorry, we digress) is the wellness-lover's breakfast go-to. 


But just like #eatclean, it looks like the craze is now firmly in the mainstream. 


Yes, Japanese outlets of McDonald's have jumped in on the trend, with a bacon, lettuce and avocado muffin.

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Also on the menu now are avocado-adorned prawn sandwiches and a beefburger served with creamy avocado. 


It would appear that 'peak avocado' may well be nigh. 

Are avocado burgers in McDonald's proof that the avocado love affair is about to come tumbling down? Let us know in the comments below.