Attention, bronies. This is what you've been waiting for

Have you heard about bronies? 


The subject of a 2013 BBC documentary, they're the male adult fans of the My Little Pony TV reboot, Friendship Is Magic. The reason we mention them is it would appear that a group have opened a new cafe in Harajuku, Japan – though this is not yet fully verified. 


A pop-up eatery devoted to the good moral-teaching animals so beloved of the sect has, well, popped-up, and is setting Twitter ablaze with a quirky, colourful brand of food. 


From pancakes adorned with pony badges and sprinkles in the ponies' signature shimmering blues and pinks, to miniature milk bottles sporting photos of the show's characters, they've got it all. 


Report image

Via: Twitter/ mylittleponyjpn

Yes, this is a "I want a pony" emblazoned sandwich, along with a milkshake bottle featuring My Little Pony artwork 


Even walls of murals on the theme. 


Report image

Via: Twitter/ mylittleponyjpn

The super minimal decor 


Magical indeed. 



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