The fast-food giant seems to have turned over a new leaf

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Image: McDonalds to add kale

Photo: Homemade

The breakfast bowl of champions … or is it?

It's the end of days. McDonald's has finally gone hipster. 


The fast-food giant has announced that it will be testing out a new breakfast bowl – egg white and turkey sausage – which will come with a generous portion of kale, the leafy green superfood favoured by yoga mums and healthy hipsters alike.


The surprising announcement comes just months after McDonald's released an advert that said, in capital letters, there "WILL NEVER BE KALE".

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Photo: McDonald's

The advert announced: "All vegetarians, foodies and gastronauts kindly avert your eyes" before boasting that the Big Mac will never conform to being a trendy hipster. "In its lifetime, it won't be deconstructed or infused," the advert continued. And now here we are McDonald's. Here we are. 


The first of the breakfast bowls will be launched in (where else?) Kalefornia, with kale also making an appearance in the three salad varieties offered in Canada. 


Maccy D's is having something of a hipster overhaul. The poor old Hamburglar, that pesky moon-faced little scamp, has been reinvented as a frankly terrifying ageing hipster, complete with high-top velcro sneakers. What is the world coming to?

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Photo: McDonald's