Forget the musical, Mamma Mia! the restaurant is coming to Sweden

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Image: Mamma Mia! There’s going to be an ABBA restaurant

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ABBA fans, it’s time to don those flares, warm up your vocal chords and brace yourselves because ABBA member and songwriter Björn Ulvaeus is turning the Mamma Mia! musical into a restaurant. Yep.


In what sounds like the ultimate combination of dinner, theatre, karaoke and 1970s Swedish pop, the idea is to have musician and actors interacting with waiters and guests.


All set in a Greek tavern, diners will of course be invited to sing and dance along to those ABBA tunes too.


Super trouper.

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Super Truper: Bjorn Ulvaeus reveals his plans for the restaurant

Speaking to The Local, Ulvaeus said: “My vision is that this Greek tavern will be like a Mamma Mia bubble where people can just have a bloody good time.


“I can see the audience in front of me, how they’re laughing and singing along and having loads of fun. I want to create the same party spirit that the musical is so known for.”


That’s not all. While the Greek-island setting made famous in the story will remain constant, each night will have its very own storyline.


Set to open next January next to the ABBA museum in Stockholm, it has tentatively been named “Nicos’ Taverna.”


However, the Meryl Streep-style splits will (hopefully) be optional.

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Meryl Streep

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