Need a new makeup look? Then head to your kitchen cupboard for inspiration …

So many colours, so many uses... 

Calling all makeup-lovers: whether you're strapped for cash or in a tight spot, you need never sacrifice your beauty routine ever again.


Thanks to Hollywood makeup artist and YouTube vlogger Jamie Greenberg, you can find some genius beauty hacks in your own kitchen.


Inspired by the return of her favourite prison drama to Netflix, Orange is the New Black, Greenberg has created a video tutorial showing fans how to do a "commissary item" makeover, using only products that are available to inmates (or, at least, to the actresses who play inmates on TV). 


In the video, Greenberg is shown applying Pepto-Bismol to her cheeks and mouth – we'd suggest avoiding the eyes – for a rosy tint, and using dry iced tea with a touch of water as a bright red lip stain.


Spoiler alert: it looks fabulous. Downside? It tastes tart.


You'll never look at hot chocolate the same way again, either. According to Greenberg, it makes a great bronzer. Wet it and apply as a chocolate-hued shadow. Genius!


And now, our favourite bit: a bag of jelly beans is really just a rainbow eye palette. Split the jelly bean open and wet it to apply as eye shadow. You can also use the black ones as a nifty eyeliner.


One possible side effect? People are definitely going to want to lick your face.


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