When it comes to creating a tasty salad, you want to achieve a beautiful rainbow finish, full of fresh, healthy ingredients

So what would you think if we told you that soon you’ll be able to buy a black tomato.

It may sound unappealing, but some experts have claimed that the new variety is actually better for you, containing more anti-oxidants.

The tomato starts off green, but when it ripens it turns a black sheeny colour.

A Devon-based garden centre, Sutton Seeds, has acquired the rights to sell seeds for the dark-coloured fruit, available from spring.

Alfie Jackson, assistant product manager at Suttons Seeds of Paignton, Devon, told the Mail Online: “They are not as sweet as normal tomatoes and have a more savoury flavour, and are nice roasted or eaten in salads.

“There are some dark coloured tomatoes but Indigo Rose is the only real black tomato and is the darkest that has ever been bred.

“It was bred by Professor Jim Myers at the University of Oregon in the US and came about after a graduate student was interested in looking at health benefits in tomatoes.

“They found some tomatoes with purple pigmentation and tests revealed that anthocyanins were providing the colour, the same as blueberries.

”They crossed the purple tomatoes with some wild tomatoes and eventually came up with a black strain. This is the first time they have been available to buy in the UK.

"During the growth process it starts out green like all tomatoes and when the sun hits the fruit it turns black rather than red."