He's coming after your fizzy pop, people

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Via: Getty

Jamie Oliver's campaigning streak is still going strong.


Hot off the back of appearing in front of the House of Commons' Health Committee to propose a 'sugar tax' on cans of fizzy drink (estimated to raise £1bn in a year, which could be ploughed into the NHS and primary schools), it's now been confirmed that Jamie O's idea is going to be debated in Parliament. 


He shared the news on Instagram:

His petition to get the motion heard has collected 151,298 signatures. 


On the result, the Everyday Superfoods author said: "Well done guys! YOU made this happen when you signed the petition. Remember [that] what ever happens post the debate on the 30th of November… progressing Child Health here in the UK and globally is what this is all about…" 


Impressive stuff. 


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