Warning: consuming sugary drinks in the Naked Chef's restaurants will cost extra

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Help … I'm stuck to a bus!

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Sometimes sugar doesn't taste so sweet.


In his ongoing quest to get everyone eating healthier, Jamie Oliver has slapped a 'sugar tax' on all sweet drinks served in his restaurants as a way of protesting the government's failure to introduce one.


Every drink containing added sugar will be subject to a 10p surcharge and the money raised will fund healthy eating education projects.


The chef – who will donate £25,000 to the fund run by charity Sustain – estimates he will raise £80,000 in the first year.


"I was born into the restaurant industry and I truly believe that by joining together on this issue we not only send a powerful and strong message to government but we also have the potential to make a long-lasting legacy that could ripple across the world," Oliver said in a release.


"I've seen first-hand the heartbreaking effects that poor diet and too much sugar is having on our children's health and futures. Young children are needing multiple teeth pulled out under general anaesthetic and one in three kids [are] now leaving primary school overweight or obese. 


"Soft drinks are the biggest single source of sugar among school-age kids and teenagers, and so we have to start here."


Just don't accuse him of not practising what he preaches. Oliver doesn't give any of his four children sugary or fizzy drinks at home. Instead, he tries to make healthy drinks fun by serving up water infusions with fruit.


If Jamie's inspired you to start avoiding the sugary drinks then you'll love our super green smoothie, orange, passion fruit and mango smoothie and our pear and apple smoothie.


So long fizzy drinks, and hello refreshing concoctions.


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