A team of archaeologists have discovered evidence of the treat at the ancient site

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Anyone who's ever dipped the end of a baguette into a melting wheel of golden Camembert will you tell you that it's a near religious experience. 


And now it's official: our ancient ancestors thought so, too. 


Using analysis techniques on pottery and animal bone fragments, a team of archaeologists working on a 'Feeding Stonehenge' project have discovered that milk, cheese and yogurt were offered up to deities during ceremonies in prehistory. This, they believe, is because the ancients thought dairy products to be pure, due to their bright white shade.

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The academics from the University of York and University College London were working on unlocking the culinary habits of the people of Durrington Walls Neolithic settlement – who are thought to have been responsible for building the stone circle. 


They found that meat was consumed in residential areas, whereas all things cow were kept in reserved sacred ceremonial spots.


Of the findings, which are published in the journal AntiquityProfessor Mike Parker Pearson at University College London and director of the Feeding Stonehenge project, said: "“The special placing of milk pots at the larger ceremonial buildings reveals that certain products had a ritual significance beyond that of nutrition alone." 


We've never felt more in tune with the people of the past. 



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