Don't even try to fob them off with a cup of instant

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Oh, millennials. If they're not enjoying a locally reared pulled pork and kimchi burger in an artisan brioche bun at a Dalston strreet food festival, they're asking the barista if the coffee beans are from Ethiopia or Guatemala before ordering their single origin cortado


So it's little surprise that only 8% of java drinkers in their early twenties drink instant coffee, according to new research from consumer insight giant Mintel. In a world where your choice of caffeine fix is more of a social marker than the handbag you carry, drinking instant is seen by Generation Y as a faux pas of unimaginable proportions. 


The data reveals that an appetite for boil-and-go is also decreasing with the older lot, too, with just one-in-five of people across the board choosing it over shop bought, home brewed, or Nespresso-style pod machines. 


In fact, the nation's previous love for instant is going down hill pretty rapidly. Nearly 30% of people said they had an instant fix more than once a day in 2014, but that's dipped to 21% this year. 


Looks like the craft coffee movement is here to stay. 


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