Your summer drive-through dreams have just come true

Portreath Bakery owner and former Great British Bake-Off guest star Marion Symonds has opened the world's first Cornish pasty drive-through in Pool, Cornwall.


The new space also boasts a 100-seat restaurant, gluten-free bakery, bakery shop and state-of-the-art training facility where Symonds has partnered with the Cornwall College Group to train future bakers on site. 


"The drive-through is important because I don't like queuing," Symonds told the Plymouth Herald.


It seems her main inspiration came from making life easier for parents: "I was on my own with my children for a while, and I found that when I had to get out of the car, one of them would have dozed off and I couldn't get a loaf of bread.


"You can't just leave your kids in the car so, from our drive-through, you'll be able to get a loaf of bread and, of course, a pasty." 


In other pasty news, this British bakery has earned the right to describe itself as the oldest Cornish pasty maker in the world.

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