Will the Great Comic Relief Bake Off rise to the occasion or suffer a soggy bottom? Well, for once we’ve heard of all the celebs …

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Image: The Great Comic Relief Bake Off celebrity line up is revealed

Via Great British Bake Off / Love Productions / bbc.co.uk 

Paul Hollywood, Mary Berry and Sue Perkins on the Great Comic Relief Bake Off

In the depths of winter, there’s nothing quite like watching some celebs being rubbish at baking to lift your spirits.


It’s the fourth year of the Comic Relief / Sport Relief Celebrity Bake Off spinoff and this time, it’s an all-star lineup. Meaning: we've actually heard of the celebs. Hooray. 


On 11 February, the blue-eyed baker Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry are back to scrutinise shortbread, pavlova and selfie vegetables cakes (yes, it's going to be great) over four nights. Wooden spoons at the ready! 


The celebs will be split into 4 groups, resulting in 4 star bakers. So far, so simple. The star bakers will then go on to a head-to-head on 13 March where one celeb will be crowned the champion of Bake Off champions. 


This is set to be pure comfort TV.


It’s time to meet the contestants ...

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Comic Relief Bake Off

Via Great British Bake Off / Love Productions / bbc.co.uk

Jennifer Saunders, Dame Edna Everage, Lulu, Joanna Lumley

Name: Joanna Lumley
Famous for: mainly Patsy from Ab Fab and Gurkha justice campaigner
Most likely to: call Paul and / or Mary “daaaaarling”

Name: Jennifer Saunders
Famous for: French & Saunders and, of course, Ab Fab
Most likely to: rival Sue and Mel for the best baking innuendo

Name: Lulu
Famous for: belting out “Shout”, “The Man with the Golden Gun”, “Boom Bang-a-Bang”
Most likely to: be unpredictable. She only started baking two days before filming, apparently. Ooooh-er

Name: Dame Edna Everage
Famous for: you know, the lilac hair, the glitter cat eye glasses
Most likely to: say “possum”. We feel a game of Bake Off bingo coming on ...

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Comic Relief Bake Off

Via Great British Bake Off / Love Productions / bbc.co.uk

Jonathan Ross, Zoella aka Zoe Sugg, Abbey Clancy, Gok Wan

Name: Jonathan Ross
Famous for: being on TV a lot and that Sachsgate scandal …
Most likely to: do a Norman (nope, we’ve still not got over that lavender meringue) and go rogue with the flavour combos


Name: Gok Wan
Famous for: presenting How to Look Good Naked
Most likely to: get his bake on. This guy has form with two cookbooks under his belt


Name: Zoella aka Zoe Sugg
Famous for: her online video blog has almost 7 million subscribers and her book, Girl Online, broke records for its first-week of sales
Most likely to: do well. She admits to being a Bake Off fan and doesn’t do things by halves (see above)

Name: Abbey Clancy
Famous for: model, TV presenter and Strictly Come Dancing glitterball winner
Most likely to: well, she did take part in Hell’s Kitchen with Marco Pierre White so we have high hopes. Tough group

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Comic Relief Bake Off

Via Great British Bake Off / Love Productions / bbc.co.uk

David Mitchell, Sarah Brown, Jameela Jamil, Michael Sheen

Name: Sarah Brown
Famous for: campaigner, charity worker and being married to Gordon Brown
Most likely to: be the dark horse. We say she could be an early tip for the final. Check out that confident look in the pic …

Name: David Mitchell
Famous for: comedian, actor and TV presenter
Most likely to: get a soggy bottom. Sorry David, we’ve seen the advert


Name: Michael Sheen
Famous for: actor. Frost / Nixon, Midnight in Paris, Twilight
Most likely to: he confesses to being big-headed so watch this space

Name: Jameela Jamil
Famous for: Radio 1 presenter
Most likely to: start a food fight / get criticised for her messy bench

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Comic Relief Bake Off

Via Great British Bake Off / Love Productions / bbc.co.uk

Victoria Wood, Kayvan Novak, Alexa Chung, Chris Moyles

Name: Victoria Wood
Famous for: comedian, actor, screenwriter. Take your pick
Most likely to: we don't think her Dinner Lady credentials will help her here. She does say she's good at making "horrible flat scones". You'll go far, Victoria

Name: Alexa Chung
Famous for: model, Vogue writer, TV presenter, fashionista
Most likely to: outshine Bezza’s bomber with some cool denim

Name: Chris Moyles
Famous for: former Radio 1 DJ
Most likely to: lose his cool. Well, you know

Name: Kayvan Novak
Famous for: Fonejacker creator and actor
Most likely to: muck about. You don't want to feel the wrath of Berry's glare now do you? 

The series begins on 11 February.

Who is your tip for Comic Relief Bake Off success? Let us know in the comments box below ...