Nothing gets between the Italians and their cheese. Nothing

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Image: Italian buffalo mozzarella under threat by new EU law

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Ah, mozzarella, you dairy-based ball of delight

When it comes to delicious dairy products, Italy is the big cheese. So watch out when telling an Italian what to make it with.


One of the country's most famous exports is under threat after the European Commission asked Italians to consider making mozzarella with powdered or condensed milk, seeking to lift a ban that's been in place in the country since 1974, reports The Telegraph.


Mamma mia!


According to the EU, the current law is a "restriction on the free movement of goods, as milk powder and concentrated milk are used extensively in Europe."


Currently, no cheese or yogurt products made from substitute milk products are allowed to enter the Italian market to preserve the quality of Italian food.


"We are facing the umpteenth diktat from Europe," Roberto Moncalvo, president of Coldiretti, which represents agricultural producers, told The Telegraph.


"Even though the EU is wavering in front of unprecedented emergencies such as immigration, it is ready to support the lobbyists who want to force us to lower the quality of our food produce."


Mozzarella is traditionally made with fresh buffalo milk from the southern region of the country, and stands as a symbol of Italy's devotion to producing superior, fresh food. The country's export market for cheese and dairy products is thought to be worth in excess of €2billion.


Would Italian cuisine still be considered the best in the world if the EU starts insisting the country uses milk substitutes in its products? We don't want to find out …

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