A bit of Instagram-ready foam shaped like a leaf and we're sold...

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Image: Turns out we'll spend a lot more money on coffee with latte art. Uh oh

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Guilty of sinking a couple of quid on a perfectly frothed and poured flat white every morning? 


We're right with you. 


And, we're sorry, but we've had some news just in that will add insult to injury. It transpires that when it comes to coffee, we're a load of suckers for some pretty pictures crafted atop our cups.


Yes, it's all true – and scientifically verified.


A recent study from the clever folk over at Australia's Federation University and published in the Journal of Sensory Studies showed a group of 120 participants two images of a cappuccino. One was bedecked with frothy patterns, one was not. Unsurprisingly, the consensus was that the former was 'better prepared' and probably cost more. 


The kicker comes from the next part. 


When asked to try each of the cups – one all arty, one naked – the participants found no difference in taste, but were still willing to lay down more money on the jazzy-looking offering. 


How much? The study's researchers conclude that "people are willing to pay between 11% to 13% more for coffee with latte art than for those without it."


Looks like we're all a little too mad for caffeine wrapped up in a special-looking package. 


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