These are the best places to get your Friday night takeaway fix. *Drum roll please*

We Brits love a good (or sometimes after a few beers, very bad) takeaway.


For too long they have been an affront to good taste and the fine traditions from which our favourite dishes hail. Not any more. has revealed our favourite takeaway joints in the UK and there’s not a Domino’s pizza in sight.


With consistent 5-star ratings, Firecracker, a Chinese restaurant just down the road from Big Ben in London, took the top spot for having the best customer reviews among 10,000 restaurants.


It also has karaoke rooms if you need to pass the time while you wait for your aromatic duck pancakes and prawn crackers.


So, where else should you be going for that Friday night ritual? Pens at the ready:

2nd place: Smoque Grill, Burgers (Brighton)

3rd place: Get Stuffed, Fast Food (Halifax)

4th place: Square Pizza (Queen’s Park, London)

5th place: Noodle Street, Chinese (Docklands, London)

6th place: Simla, Indian (Northfield, Birmingham)

7th place: Slurp, Chinese (Streatham, London)

8th place: Poppy Hana, Japanese (Bermondsey, London)

9th place: Golden Palace, Indian (Bletchley, Milton Keynes)

10th place: Maroush, Lebanese (Marylebone, London)

Where's the best takeaway in the UK? Let us know your favourite in the comments box below ...