Power turns you into a sloppy eater, says science

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Image: Is your boss a messy eater? Here’s why …

Michelle O'Connell / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: shellewill79

Now that really takes the biscuit ...

We know, we know, workplace feasting is riddled with stereotypes – we're living in a world where ducking out of the 4pm tea round could cost you a promotion. This. Is. Serious.


Now our attentions have turned to cookie-thieving bosses. You know, the ones who'll nab that last piece of food (at the expense of anyone and everyone else), eat with their mouths open and generally have "sloppy" habits.


Why? Well, according to science, it’s because they have power.


A study at the University of California, dubbed the "cookie monster" study, divided participants into groups of three and chose a leader at random. After performing a set of menial tasks the group was rewarded with a plate of four cookies.


Psychologist Dacher Keltner said: “Everybody takes one cookie, but all groups always leave one cookie on the plate, because they don’t want to be that person who takes the last cookie.”


Lo and behold, they found that over half of the leaders reached out to take that final cookie (*gasp*).


Dacher added: “Our high-power person was more likely to eat with their mouth open, lips smacking, crumbs literally falling on their sweater.


“It makes you impulsive when you feel powerful, you kind of lose touch with other people.”


 See, power corrupts you.

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