All is not lost if you’ve forgotten to plan a Valentine’s Day meal for that special someone – that’s if you have a spare £6,000 lurking in your back pocket *crosses fingers*

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M Restaurants' steak tartare from their budget Valentine's option, an 8-course tasting menu for £49 per person

We’ve all been there: you’re sitting at your desk staring into space and then you get that niggling feeling that you’ve forgotten something kind of important. A meeting? Someone’s birthday? Nope, it’s Valentine’s Day. Cue face turning white and instant feeling of dread.


Never fear, M restaurants is here – well, that’s if you have a spare £6,000 floating around your bank account *wishes*.


The blow-out feast created by the London restaurant consists of 600g of Kobe beef (the world’s most expensive kind, don’t you know), langoustine, foie gras, a trio of sorbets served with a hot chocolate cake and apple pie, all washed down with a bottle of Krug Clos du Mesnil 2000 vintage champagne.


Martin Williams, the restaurant owner, said: “Not only do you have exclusive use of a secret private room for the night and your own personal waiting staff, but you are spoilt to arguably the finest champagne, wine and food, including our Tajima-Gyu Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture Grade 10+/A5 – the finest Kobe in the world – a 600g chateaubriand grilled over wood, and served with truffle shavings.


“This particular beef is so rare, we give you a certificate of authentication and a QR code, which show you pictures of the beast itself, which has been reared on a diet of sake and has enjoyed daily massages throughout its life.”




We’ll be keeping our credit cards firmly in our pockets, thank you. Well, apart from whipping it out to order that takeaway pizza.


Happy Valentine’s Day.

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