It seems we've collectively renounced our carby pal, bread. Sad times

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Once upon a time, a work-a-day lunchtime sans sandwich would have been unthinkable. 


But people, this is 2015 we're living in. And, post Gwyneth/ Deliciously Ella/ every other health blogger out there, we seem to have collectively frozen bread out like some sort of Regina George-esque carb-free clique. 


New research, from food trade magazine The Grocer, reveals that 40% of us no longer eat baguettes, rolls or good old sliced bread come 1pm – instead, we're opting for a salad, sushi or a bread alternative such as a wrap. 


The study, which investigated the eating habits of 2,019 people, also found that out of those sticking with bread at lunch, 54% have moved away from white and on to pittas, wholemeal and seeded varieties.


Looks like the classic ham and cheese's glory days have been and gone. 


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