Meet the 'sandwich knife'. It'll put an end to all of those sandwich spillage woes

We’ve all been there: you fancy a sarnie so you try to stuff the entire contents of your fridge between two slices of bread.


Unsurprisingly, the structural integrity of said sandwich doesn’t stand up.


Well, dear bread-loving friends, we bring you news of an invention that you never knew you needed, but will soothe your woes: the 'sandwich knife'.


Canadian Gary Ehasoo has designed the double-blade creation, which can slice two perfectly identical pieces of bread at once.


Now this is where it gets good: it leaves the bottom crust intact to form a bread pocket for your filling.


The result? No sandwich spillages.



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Ehasoo, whose design is available on Kickstarter, said: “I had made large sandwiches one evening for friends. Everyone really enjoyed the sandwiches but at the end of the meal, I noticed there were a lot of ingredients remaining on the plate.

“That was my ‘ah-ha’ moment when I thought, there has to be a better way to build and eat a sandwich.”


Take that, normal sandwiches with your fillings that end up all over our desk.


Goodbye, dreaded sandwich slippage. 

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