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Via: YouTube/ ExtraGum

The Christmas battle for blub-worthy adverts has yet to commence, but someone has already come in and surprised us all. 


Yes, Extra Gum (not the most romantic of brands, traditionally) has unleashed a total sob fest upon the unsuspecting British public. The offering, which has clocked up more than 4m views on YouTube since Wednesday, tells the emotional story of a pair of school-age lovers whose eyes meet over a pile of dropped text books. 


After dates, lots of in-car kissing and their prom, they face the ultimate test: leaving home for university and a relationship made up of snatched Skype conversations. 

The advert that has the nation reaching for their hankies …

As is the way with these things, though, it all works out. (We won't spoil the end for you – watch it and see.) 




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