The whole marshmallow-topped sweet potato thing? Yeah. Not so much

Thanksgiving has always slightly baffled folk living on this side of the pond.


Isn't it just a mini, early Christmas? Why do you feel the need to blow up a giant, fake turkey and parade it through the streets? And why – in the name of all that is good in the world – are you adorning sweet potato mash with marshmallows?! 


All this incredulity has been detailed in a new video from YouTube channel Facts., which shows a group of Irish friends (attempting) to enjoy a 'traditional' Thanksgiving feast.


Safe to say, it doesn't go down too well. 


At first, the team seem to find the whole practice a tad confusing, but benign. "It's kinda like Christmas dinner," one says knowingly. "I've seen it in films." 


But then, it descends. Here's some of the best quotes:


1. On Brussels sprouts with bacon and cheese: "These are like condensed grass." 


2. On sweet potato mash topped with marshmallow:  "It's like a dessert. I'm surprised they don't put Skittles in the turkey." 


3. On stuffing with bread and celery: "It looks like the corners of a slice of bread and some celery." 


4.On hasselback potatoes: "It just tastes like potato. It's really nice." 


5. On turkey with cranberry sauce: "It's dry meat mixed with sauce: get over it." 


All in all, not a raging success. 


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