Forget "you are what you eat". Nowadays, it's you are what you Instagram

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Image: Instagram infographic reveals Londoners obsessed with pulled pork and burgers

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We do love that pulled pork

In the world of Instagram, hashtagging your food is as crucial as snapping a gorgeous shot of it.


Which is why #foodporn, #foodgasm and #cleaneating are now part of our everyday lingo.


Turns out that Instagram is also a useful resource for finding out who's eating what, and where.


A new infographic on Photoworld called The food capitals of Instagram has collected over 100,000 images in a week to see which cities loved their burgers, who couldn't resist a curry and where #bacon reigns supreme.


If you're wondering where London fits into the #foodie world, the city came up trumps with pulled pork and burger photos (7.5% of Instagram's pulled pork pics come from the capital, as do 5% of the app's burger photos).


Some surprising stats? London landed the number three spot for burrito hashtags – ahead of Mexican street-food cities like San Francisco and San Diego – while Instagram's curry capital is Japan. And macaron-lovers are far from Paris: Bangkok and Seoul accounted for 15% of all macaron-tagged photos.


All this foodie talk is making us #hungry. 

From bacon to sushi, discover the popularity of the world’s favourite foods on Instagram. Click image to open interactive version (via Photoworld).

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