And you thought Gwyneth and Katie Price had cornered the weird naming market ...

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Image: No, you can’t name your child Nutella or strawberry

Snowpea & bokchoi / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: bokchoi-snowpea

Oh Nutella. Let us celebrate World Nutella Day and count the ways we love you: melted in a buttery croissant, on a pizza, even in lasagne. We thought the list was endless, until now.


A French court has ruled “non" in the case of a couple who wanted to name their child after the hazelnut spread. Seriously.


According to La Voix Du Nord, a registrar who recorded the baby’s name last year alerted the local prosecutor who referred the case to a family court judge.


The court in Valenciennes ruled that the baby needed a new name saying: “the first name Nutella, given to the child, is that of the commercial brand of a spread” and that it would cause “mockery or disobliging remarks.” Too true.


The judge (who is probably more of a peanut butter fan) renamed the little girl Ella (see what they did there?) after the parents failed to turn up at court.


But the naming madness doesn’t end there.


A family from Raismes (also in France) named their child Fraise (strawberry). Once again, the court found the name could have a “negative impact on the child.” They went for Fraisine instead.


To summarise: naming your child after a food en France seems to be a non-non.