There’s no faffing about with a vegetable peeler here

You know those key moments in life that changes it forever? Well, it has just happened.


Thanks to YouTuber Dave Hax, you no longer have to spend what feels like an age peeling spuds.


This food wizard just scores, boils, cools and then pulls the skin off. No fuss, no vegetable peeler.


Here’s what to do to make peeling less of a faff. 


1. Using a sharp knife, carefully run the blade around the middle of the potato, making sure that you don’t cut too deep.

2. Pop the spuds in a pan and pour water over them.

3. Turn on the stove and cook them.

4. Drain the water away and keep the potatoes in the pan.

5. Run the spuds under cold water and then simply pull the skin away.

To say this is insanely good would be an understatement.