It's time you tried out Instagram's latest foodie sensation: a big, beautiful bowl full of grains, greens and proteins

Speedy, filling and, most importantly, delicious, these big bowls of whatever-you-fancy are going to become the Holy Grail of mid-week cooking.


It's one of the most inspired ideas doing the Instagram rounds at the moment – super star wellness blogger 'Oh She Glows' is a fan – and they're called 'buddha bowls'. Put simply, they're greens, grains and protein-packed servings of goodness, all adorned with zesty, spicy or sharp dressings for a touch of pizzazz.


Why buddha bowls? Well, your dish is so completely packed that it has a rounded top just like a buddha's belly and they're a quick way to eat well, fast.


Here's how to get started. 


1. Get your green on 

First up, pack in the veggies like Green Kitchen Stories does. Ribbons of courgette, slithers of avocado, stems of broccoli, handfuls of spinach – it's all good. 

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Photo: David Frenkiel / Green Kitchen Stories 

2. Toss in some grains 

Substantial and satisfying. Quinoa cooked in chicken stock, simmered peal barley and turmeric-spiked brown rice all work a treat. 

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Photo: Angela LiddonOh She Glows 

3. Stock up on starch 

Roasted sweet potato sprinkled with cinnamon is mouthwateringly delicious in one of these bowls. 

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4. Power up the protein 

The big guns. Flushed pink salmon drizzled with lemon juice, baked chicken brushed with pesto, a golden-yolked fried egg ... go wild. 

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Photo: Blueberry Boost

5. Dress it up 

Now we've come to the end of the buddha bowl road, which means time for some final flourishes.


Muddle up some sesame seed oil with tamarind paste, lime and honey for a zingy Asian dressing, scatter on some pumpkin seeds, pimp it up with crushed roasted peanuts or keep it simple with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 


Now enjoy! 

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