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Image: This 140-year-old bottle of beer cost more than

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140 year old beer

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The unopened bottle of Allsopp's Arctic Ale

There's nothing like opening a cold beer after a long day. But how about after 140 years? Erm …


A super-old bottle of beer – originally brewed for an Arctic expedition led by British naval officer and explorer Sir George Nares in 1875 – has sold for a whopping £3,300.


The auction at Trevanion & Dean saw a flurry of thirsty activity and the winning bid came from a beer-lover based in Scotland. Impressively deep pockets they have there. 


The beer was discovered, unopened, in a box in a garage in Gobowen, Shropshire, but auctioneers have no idea how it got there.


Investigations proved the beer, an Allsopp's Arctic Ale to give it its proper name, was part of a batch originally brewed in Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire, specifically for the historic trip.


Aaron Dean, a partner at the auction house, told the BBC: "It went all the way to Portsmouth and it was loaded onto the ship as cargo to go out with the HMS Alert and HMS Discovery.


"Unfortunately, the expedition didn't quite make it to the north pole, so it came all the way back again."


It also has another perk: it's still drinkable. Dean told the BBC it was likely to be "sweet tasting with a hint of tobacco."


We might just pass on that, chaps. 

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