And you thought you were happy with your smashed avocado on sourdough shot …


Did you pause to take an artfully curated shot of your craft flat white and hand-baked croissant this weekend? Perhaps you digitally documented that scoop of artisan pistachio gelato you grabbed after the park on Sunday? 


If you did, then prepare to feel shamed. 


Socality Barbie is a brilliant parody Instagram account that's on a mission to show everything that's wrong with our Instagram culture. 


Specifically targeting those who are all about living an 'authentic life' – read: those who snap themselves on mountain hikes and having brunch with impossibly good-looking but totally dressed-down friends – it drills right down to why projecting perfection on social media is just silly. 


The moral of the story? Before getting super envious of those perfect pictures in your Instagram feed, remember: Barbie does it better than everyone.

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