Farce at the Fat Duck as scammers grab 100 tickets to the chef’s new Melbourne pop-up. Strewth

Another day, another restaurant scandal. We're still obsessing over who tried to sabotage Gordon Ramsay’s opening night (seriously, who was it?!), and now another celebrity chef's restaurant has come under attack.


Scammers allegedly hired IT experts to secure more than 100 reservations from a "random ballot" to eat at Heston Blumenthal’s pop-up restaurant in Melbourne.


Blumenthal, whose three-Michelin-star restaurant The Fat Duck will be temporarily relocating to Melbourne for six months next year, was offering 14,000 seats via a ballot system. Sounds fair, right? 

Well, not quite. According to Fairfax Media, a group of finance professionals managed to secure more than 50 bookings after hiring a group of IT experts in Asia to write a computer program to bypass the system that was supposed to block multiple entries. Yikes. 


They managed to submit more than 800 applications to dine at the A$525-a-head pop-up and they weren't the only ones to adopt this underhand strategy – another company scored 40-plus reservations using the same tactics and a third is also reported to be in on the act. 


Some unsuccessful and desperate would-be diners have now taken to Gumtree offering up to A$1,525 to buy a spare ticket to try the chef’s quirky creations. That's one expensive bowl of bacon and egg ice cream.

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